At 1:37 am of the Friday morning a billion eyes and mind were on India’s Lunar Landar Mission The Chandrayaan 2 as its lander “Vikram” starts its descent. It initially started with the retro firing of engines to decelerate as the lander was traveling at over 6,000 kmph. Four engines were turned on to achieve the same. Everything went as per planned trajectory. ISRO even managed to pass the crucial phase of rough braking when the lander changes its tilt angle too. But during the last phase and a few kilometers away from making the history, there was a slight deviation from the projected trajectory which results in the complete blackout. Leaving the whole India and the World in utter shock of how sometimes the slightest mistakes can destroy something so beautiful.

It was a mission to which the feelings of the whole country of India were attached hence it was very heart breaking moment but everyone is trying there best to keep themselves together and doing what they can do from Praying commoners to working hard ISRO Scientist.

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his speech ,

“Science should not be looked for results,but for experiments, &experiments will lead to results.”

Mr. Narendra Modi

But its not all dark for “Vikram”, due to its great design and strength many at ISRO believe that it might be a communication malfunction and it will be sorted in days. Even ISRO confirms that they are trying there best to reconnect to the rover and will keep trying to ping it for coming 14 days.

Let’s hope that prayers of a Billion people don’t go unanswered.

Editorial Team